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Need some help with converting 120V to 220V

Hopefully someone can help me with this problem. I bought a PS3 in the states and I'm trying to use it here in the UK.

The specs for the PS3 is 120V AC, 60HZ approx power consumption 380W.
I went out and bought a voltage converter 220/240V to/from 110/220 maximum 500W. Was this the correct thing to buy? I set the input voltage switch to 220V and then pluggged in the PS3 and turned it on. That was the correct thing to do right? Yet when I touch the PS3 there seems to be a slight shock coming from the unit. ??? I really don't want to fry my $500 PS3. HELP!!!!


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Before you connect it up you need to be sure that the PS3 works on 50 Hz AC, or that the converter delivers 60 Hz AC. A converter taking source current of 50 Hz needs more than a transformer to output 60 Hz.

There is a significant chance that putting in lower than the correct frequency of AC will fry the device.

In addition, for the converter, the ground of the output power receptacle should be connected/tied/bonded to the ground of the source power plug. If your device has only a 2 prong plug, it is perfectly proper to run a ground wire from the chassis of the device to a known ground, daisy chaining with the chassis of other electronic devices.


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I think you could do one of two things. One, many electronics shops will offer a service where power supplies can be swapped out. Two, sell it on E-Bay and use the money to buy one in Europe. I don't mean to sound flip, but I'm not sure that it can be done easily. It will almost certainly affect your warrantee, perhaps voiding it. Maybe Sony has a change up program or some factory authorized service centers that can swap the power supply for you. Just a thought. Good luck!
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Ok this is what I bought, safe to use ????

Thanks for taking the time to reply guys. As for swapping out the electrics, thats not really an option for me as I will only be here for a few months and returning back to the US. Here is the product I bought. Its made by a company called JEC in Japan. If you can scroll down to the bottom its the last one on the list VC-823. It doesn't say anything about its Hz??? Safe or not ? (specs for my ps3 are on my first post).
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None of those provide 60 hz power. It's much more complicated to convert the frequency. The only way I know of doing it is to convert to DC, and then Invert back to AC at the correct frequency.

You may just have to survive for 2 months <GASP> without PlayStation! :p
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Looks like you need the VC-813. 220/50Hz in 120/60Hz out.
The PS3 will not work on 50 Hz? I would see about that before you do anything more. I know nothing about the game machine.
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From what you are saying, the PS3 has a metal chassis. Is this correct? If this is correct & you are getting "zapped", I believe that you may have a problem with your earthing system OR for some reason, the PS3 is not being earthed. If the PS3 has a metal chassis (& therefore not double insulated), the power lead must have 3 conductors ie Active (hot), Neutral & Earth.

The UK has a similar earthing system to that of Australia, that is the TN-C-S and/or TT systems. The UK electrical system is very similar to the Australian electrical system, and yet very different from the American electrical system.

As others have said, you will need to convert the frequency as well as the voltage.


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