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Need a little direction

Still working on the basement remodel and had another question. Walls use 2x2 furring strips (1 1/2 by 1 1/2) so I put 4" x 4" X 1 1/2" deep boxes with a single gang 1/2" deep mud plate for the recepticals. Anything special I have to consider as far as drywall goes?

Also, I want to put two light switches at the bottom of the stairs (it only makes sense not to mention is part of the code) but I'm having some some problems figuring out what I need. The wires currently run to the switches are one 12/2 and two 12/3 runs, but obviously the new run could have less, I just haven't fully worked the circuit out yet being I'm basically moving an old circuit and it's gonna take me sometime to figure out exactly what the heck they were doing because calling it a mess is a compliment. Obviously I'm still confined to the 1 1/2" deep furring strip and 1/2" drywall scenero. I'm looking to install two switches. Most of the house is wired using 12 gauge so I'd like to still use 12 gauge if I could. I figured for the light switch I'd need about a 29.25 cu in box for the light switches figuring I have to run as many wire using 12 gauge or about 22 using 14 gauge (everything light wise in the house is 15 amp and the runs are generally less than 50'). I went to Lowes and didn't see anything that really looked like it was a for sure fit. Any ideas? Also any considerations to be made when drywalling etc around a mudring? Thanks.

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Need a little direction

You can get larger boxes with mudrings meant for fewer devices. I've never seen them at the box stores though. Check out garvinindustries.com. I know they have what you'd need.

As for the drywall, if you're using 1/2" drywall you want 5/8" mudrings and not the 1/2" ones. Mudrings are measured from the backside, so 1/2" ones will put your mounting ears 1/8" back from the drywall surface. Your drywall cutout should not be farther than 1/8" from the mudring edge. Since most of us can't be that accurate, you can fill in around the mudring with compound when you drywall.

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Need a little direction

Gotcha, thanks I actually found something that will work (4 11/16 squares 1 1/2 deep and about 29 cu in inside) and the mudrings. I was also wondering is there a minimum depth as far as the box goes for light switches? I know they tend to heat up alittle more than outlets so just checking that the 1 1/2 box with a mudring will be AOK. I'm pretty sure it will be I guess I'm just being paranoid. Thanks.

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