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need help w/ my dryer hookup

Im tryin to wire my dryer into my stove circuit, it has a 3 prong pigtail. The building is old and the power source only has 2 hot wires and a ground, no neutral. I used 10/3 600 volt wire and wired the black and red to the hots of the source and wired the white and ground together(thats the way the stove is wired to). I bought a 30A 3 wire NONGROUNDED receptacle. My question is what do I do with the neutral terminal on the receptacle? just leave it blank since my neutral is wired to the ground? if so do I then need to connect the neutral terminal block on the dryer to ground?

Sorry if this sounds confusing.


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Hire somebody to do it for you. Your very question tells me you don't know what you're doing. News flash: electricity is dangerous and will kill you.


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dont you have anything better to do than give useless answers on forums?
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Does 10/3 come with a red leg? 4 wire no? Sorry to ask off your question ben.
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"md2lgyk" post was a bit rude, but he got the point across. Dealing with electricity is, IMO, not an everyday DIY matter. What you are doing sounds to me as if it is against codes and dangerous. This sounds as if you are trying to "pigtail" your dryer from your stove's service. NOT a good thing to do. This will put both of these appliances on one circuit, and they should have two different breakers with two different amp loads. NO--don't tell me that you will be using only one of them at any time, this just doesn't happen forever. Someone's baking in the oven, frying on the stove-top, and someone else goes to start a dryer load of clothes. BAM--tripped breaker at the best, blown fuse(s) at the worst.
First you state that your old wiring has the 2 hot wires and a ground. This leads me to wonder whether you have a "ground" (bare/green), or are you referring to the white wire as a ground? Very popular with older wiring. So--you bought some 10/3 wiring to run your new dryer feed. This should be from your breaker box/fuse panel IF you have enough service to tie this in. Then the black and red will be your hot wiring, and the white will be the neutral, and the bare copper wire will become the earth ground. This is why "md2lgyk" was telling you that you really need to call in an electrician.
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NO, md2lgyk's post was NOT rude, and is the most accurate answer here.

benjammin5150, is painfully obvious that you DO NOT know what you are doing. The fact that you are trying to turn a straight 240v circuit that has no neutral, into a 120/240v circuit that requires a neutral proves this.

PLEASE hire someone to do this right before you kill yourself, or worse yet someone else.
Besides, you say your "building". If this is an apartment then you should NOT be touching anything electrical there. ESPECIALLY if you are just renting.
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jamiedolan (02-24-2011)
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I have to agree with speedy on this one, sometimes people have to be told straight up that they should not be touching electricity.

This reminds me of a slogan I saw on a service van(plumbing company i think) it said "we repair what your husband tried to fix"
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Are you adding the dryer to the stove circuit and keeping the stove wired ?
If so not allowed by code
Or is the stove gone & you want to use the circuit for the dryer ?
And most stoves have a 40a or 50a breaker
So you can't use #10 unless you install a 30a breaker
Best bet is to run new wire back to the panel for proper hook-up
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then theres the whole issue of 3 wire vs. 4 wire


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Please follow the code - its there for your safety no matter how inconvenient.
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