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craig83170 09-06-2008 04:03 PM

need help removing ceiling fan and installing recess lights
I have an existing ceiling fan with light that is run by two switches. A receptacle is run off of the switches also. I want to install a chandelier in place of the fan and recess lights with a dimmer. The circuit is on a 15amp breaker. I could really use the help. thank you very much!

220/221 09-06-2008 07:27 PM

Your switches will likely turn off the power to the existing fan/light but
always be cautious and aware.

In the ceiling junction box, under the fan canopy, there will probably be a "3 wire" cable containing a black, a red, and a white wire (and a bare ground).

One of the colored wires (blk or red) wire attaches to the fan motor. The other attaches to the fan light. The white wire is the "neutral" wire. It is hooked up internally to both motor and light.

Remove the fan.

Install 2 wire cable, the same gauge as the existing fan wiring (#14 or #12) from the fan box to the closest recessed can hole. Go from there to the next can etc. Use the appropriate connector to attach the cable to the fan box.

Strip about 6" of sheath off the cables and slide them into the recessed can jboxes. Cut all wire the same length, stip the insulation about 3/4" and wire nut blk/blk, wht/wht, bare/bare. snap the cover on, put the can in place, secure and install trim/lamps. Make sure connctions are tight! Halo brand cans have built in connectors that work really well.

When the cans are complete, hook up your new cable at the fan box white/white, bare/bare and blk/blk

Test the cans before you hang the chandelier.

Your chandelier will have two wires (and a bare). ONE of these wires is "identified" either by small printed lettering or a raised ridge. This wire attaches to the whites. The other wire attaches to the red.

You will want to remove the switched outlet from the equation because you don't want it to be controlled by a dimmer. It will probably be a 1/2 switched recep with the other half being always hot. Turn power off, cut and cap the red wire and install a jumper wire between the brass colored terminals to replace the factory jumper that has been removed (or install a new outlet)

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