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BRO931 04-12-2011 03:38 PM

Need help moving an overhead light
I have an existing overhead light that is not in the middle of the room where we would like it. I have installed a new round junction box in the desired location and have run a 14/2 romex extension between the old box to the new one. The old box is really crammed full of wires and connections. The light fixture is connected to a bundle of 4 white wires on one lead (large red cap) and to a single white wire on the other lead (small yellow cap). I assume that the bundle is the circuit ground and the single white wire runs from the wall switch. But I thought that any white wire running from a switch that might be hot is supposed to be taped with black or red tape. Is that not the case?

Anyhow, I connected the black wire of the extension to the single white. Maybe that makes it right. Any advice? I don't want to create or continue a code violation.

BTW, this light is on a 15-amp breaker, so the 14/2 is to code.

Thanks in advance.

jbfan 04-12-2011 03:50 PM

You are correct that any white wire used as a hot should be remarked.
You connected it the correct way.
You can put some tape on the white wire, or use a marker.

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