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ToddB64 11-08-2007 10:54 PM

Need help identifying multimeter
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Hi fellow DIY'ers !

Attached is a pic of a digital multimeter left by the previous owner of the home I recently bought.

I have two other meters, one analog and one digital, but the one pictured has some features I'm not familiar with, so would like to contact the manufacturer or a distributor to acquire an instruction manual.

I tried Googling various titles, such as "DMT 7 multimeter", but no luck.

Does anyone know the manufacturer or USA distributor for this meter ?

Thanks for any help you can offer folks ! :thumbsup:


frenchelectrican 11-08-2007 11:55 PM

I dont know if you did check on the back sometime it will tell the manufacter numbers there if not.

I think if.. i say " IF " this meter do have UL sticker on the back if so that one way to find out who is the manufacter is.

IMO i just dont want to be very rude in here but that kind of meter kinda like konck off from few differnent kinds of DVM metering devices.

[ myself i am electrician i used very well knowned namebrand to use for my testing useage and easy to find parts or repairs if need to ]

Merci, Marc

sluggermike 11-09-2007 04:56 AM

It looks like the meter that is sold at Harbor Freight. It sells for less than $5.00 when on sale.

robertmee 11-09-2007 05:55 AM

Looks like a Monacor...Here's a manual for a similar meter....Course, you have to read German :wink:

Here's the Harbor Freight manual (meter by Cen-Tech)

I think most of these meters are probably Chinese in origin and rebadged all over the place.

Sammy 11-09-2007 06:21 AM

I have one just like it short of the cute little transistor tester.

Less than ten bucks years ago at the auto parts store when I needed a cheap one in a pinch.

Manual says engineered in USA but made in China..

ToddB64 11-09-2007 12:55 PM

Re: Need help identifying multimeter
A big THANKS to all who have responded so far !

robertmee and sluggermike: The Cen-Tech's sold at Harbor Freight look very similar.....I'll be checking with them to see if I can get a lead on a manual for my exact model. Robert, thanks for the links, that was a big help ! I saved the Cen-Tech manual to my computer files for reference. Even though it is a different model, there are similarities.

frenchelectrician: There is no "UL" reference on the back. However, there is the following embossed on the back in German and English: "REMOVE TEST LEADS BEFORE OPENNING CASE. REPLACE FUSE WITH 0.2A 250V FAST ACTING ONLY. 9V IEC 6F 22NEDA 1604" .

If anyone can add further help, I will appreciate it.

Todd :icon_biggrin:

sluggermike 11-09-2007 01:53 PM

I have a meter like the one pictured which I use as a back up meter. The meter I use most of the time is one that I bought from Sears. It sells for about $20.00 but you can pick it up for $9.00 on sale. The display is bigger and there is a protective plastic case around. If I were you, I would probably put this one on craigslist and watch the sales for a better meter.

Andy in ATL 11-09-2007 05:04 PM

Something I always mean to say about SAFETY with meters and forget::furious:

ALWAYS EVER SINGLE TIME check your meter on a known live circuit before use. After you are finished check it again on a known live circuit. Always wear your safety glasses when checking live circuits. Molten copper lava is BAD. Never think it can't happen to you.

joed 11-09-2007 05:06 PM

The only feature on there that might look strange to some is the transistor testing.
Thge HFE setting and NPN PNP jack are for transistors.
Other tahn that you have resistance, volts AC volts DC and amps DC.

ToddB64 11-10-2007 12:50 AM

Re: Need help identifying multimeter
Sluggermike.....Thanks again for the additional info. and advice.

With the inputs from members I realize the meter is a "cheapy", but would still like to add it to my meter collection, with a copy of the original operator instructions if I can locate them. As mentioned in my earlier post, I'll be checking with Harbor Freight Co.. Naturally, the value of the meter doesn't warrant my spending too much time on this, but I'll give it a little work.

I'm not a professional electrician by any stretch of imagination. I took a home study electrical course years ago in small appliance repair and house wiring, which included building a tester with side by side analog volt/ohm and amp meters, from a kit. That course has paid for itself many times over during the years that followed and I get a lot of satisfaction being able to test and fix appliances and add electrical circuits to my home and relatives.

Currently, I rely mostly on my Radio Shack DMM, model 22-805. This is a 24 range meter, with a PC link and computer interface cable. It was a gift from my son and is really a bit of overkill for my modest needs, but I like it.

Andy in ATL........Thanks for the safety advice. I'll certainly keep that in mind. :thumbsup:

joed.......I was real curious as to the purpose of that little circular jack. Thanks much for the information ! :thumbup:

The responses I've received from members here has been a great introduction for this newbie to the DIY forums....... I appreciate the help everybody !


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