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ChrisSovari 03-17-2008 07:11 PM

Need Help With Circut Layout
I am currently finishing my basement and have finished framing and am now at my wiring stage. I know where all my receptacles, lights, switches, are going but need some assistance with how to best run my wiring. I have done up a drawing of my basement and all fixtures, The only wiring I have added to this image was from switches to fixtures so you can see how they will all work.

I thought I could figure this out on my own but after speaking with some Home Depot electricians I am not sure if some of my plans will not meet code, mainly the 5 gang box with 3 dimmers and 2x 3-way switches, also getting power to all my switches. Someone told me it is now good to have two circuits coming into a multi gang box even though they won’t physically be connected to each other.

Anyway if some of use won't mind taking a look and maybe adding your thoughts on how to connect this to my panel I would be much appreciated and if you can't make sense on something in my diagram I would do my best to explain. :)

Here is a link to download my basement schema:

NAIL 03-17-2008 07:45 PM

You should split up you 5 gang switching, anything beyond 3 is done only at last resort.

Don't mix circuits in switch boxes unless the loads call for it.

50watt cans should be 6" 75w cans unless you have 7' ceilings.

Outlets should be 6' either side of any break of a wall, than every 12'. This does not include halls.

Put about 10-13 openings on a 15AMP circuit.

20Amp to the bathroom GFI.

And that's not the complete list.

It is not a good idea to teach wiring on the site. to many things could go wrong. Get a book and learn on your own. You will be better off.

ChrisSovari 03-17-2008 08:10 PM

Thanks Nail,

I have the Electrical Code Simplified - residential wiring book but it isn't that easy to find this type of configuration in it. It does not get into 4 or 5 gang switches. My main issue is I really want to keep the 5 gang box because it would be nice to have in all under one face cover, the problem is all the devices connected to these switches exceed my limit to put on one curcit. I then thought I would be able to run one circut to my theater room (17' room switches and another circut to the 5 gang box but because the theater room has a 3-way wire running over to the 5 gang box I am sure this is a no no:mad: .

jbfan 03-17-2008 08:27 PM

You can run a dead-end 3 way to the 5 gang box if you want.The problem you are going to have with the dimmers is derating. With 3 600 watt dimmers in the same box, you may have to derate by 200 watts per dimmer. That will leave you with 400 watts if dimming per dimmer. Depending on what brand it may be more or less.

To get your 600 watts of dimming, you would need to go with 1000 watt dimmers, and 3 of them will not fit side by side.

ChrisSovari 03-17-2008 08:33 PM

Thanks jbfan,

I read that and the dimmers are 600W and if placed side by side two will be 500W middle 400W but this should be ok because the dimmers will be handling (dimmer #1 2x 50w 4" can) (dimmer #2 1x 100W wall scnce) (dimmer #3 6x 50w 4' can).

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