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Need help choosing/understanding AC adapters.

Hello everyone,
I would like to thank you in advance...
First of all, I am currently living in South Korea and so with the language barrier here I just can't seem to
find anyone who understands my problem (or should I say someone who cares). I also spent a few hours searching
online but failed.
Anyways, I am finished building an aquarium canopy and I wanted to add some computer fans to keep the
temperature/moisture down. I also wanted to add some LED lighting for moon lights.

A computer fan is rated at 12v with rated current at 0.08A (for example).
So I know I need a 12v adapter, but which one? I don't understand the 1a, 2a, 3a, etc on the adapters...
Also, would I be able to run more than one fan from the same adapter? or would the adapter change depending on how many fans/lights I want to install?

If someone could explain the rated current(fan) in relation to the 1a, 2a, 3a, etc (adapter)... if they are related in anyway, it would be really helpful.

I would also like to add a 12v LED strip (made for cars) to the same adapter. Looking online it doesn't show any rated current so I'm a little confused.

Sorry for the confusing post. I just don't want to burn my house down :?

Thanks again. Cheers!

oh btw, South Korean outlets are 220v


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Add up the rated current (amperage) of all your fans. You need an AC adapter rated for at least that amperage.


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In your example you said a 12 volt fan at .o8A (rated current). Let's say you want 4 fans, 4 times .08A equals .32A. You would want to get an adapter that has a rated output of 12 volts at at least .32A. An adapter with an output of 12 volts at 1 amp would handle the load of approx 12 fans. 1 divided by .08 = 12.5. You can run as much or as little equipment you want as long as the total amperage does not exceed the rated amperage.

I generally like to have the output "A" (rated current) of an adapter at least 1 times the total of the loads attached. For example 4 fans @.08A = .32 amps another device @1A= 1.32A. 1.32 times 1= 1.98 so I would use an adapter with a rated out put of 12V @ 2A.
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Also you need to get an adapter that outputs AC or DC depending on what the fans need. (Most computer fans use DC).

For a DC fan, if it rotates the wrong way, exchange the two wires connecting it to the power source.
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totally makes sense! thanks a lot guys!!!
you guys made it easy to understand.
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