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MT Stringer 10-19-2009 06:37 PM

Is my extension cord OK?
I have a pair of these strobes that I will be using to strobe the basketball gym this coming season.
Here is a link to the product description.

I bought a 50 foot extension cord to use. I'll have to get another one because the strobes will be on opposite sides of the court mounted on 13 foot light stands or clamped to a handrail up high.

The cord is 50 foot, 16 AWG rated for 1625 watts. Is this cord OK for using in this situation? If power is hard to come by, I may have to add another 25 foot cord.

My strobes are still new in the box but last week, I used another pair with the same identical strobes and didn't have any problems. During the course of the day I fired off about 900 pops during 8 basketball games.

The way the game progresses, I am at one end of the court where the strobes are and I might get off 2 shots before the ball heads to the other end of the court. It takes the strobe about 2 seconds to recharge. So after 2 shots, I have a few seconds (depends on what happened at the other end of the court) where the lights are idle before firing off another couple of shots.

What do you think. I am not much of an electrician but I did tape the cord to the floor with gaffers tape where there was to be foot traffic and I taped off the cord to the stand so there would be slack in the cord going up to the strobe head.

Here is a sample of me strobing junior college basketball.
Blocked! :thumbup:

Yoyizit 10-19-2009 08:07 PM

They do a good job of not telling you the average current draw but 640 W-S every two seconds is 340w is ~3A at 120v. You could use up to 250' of two conductor #16.
But call them and ask anyway.

MT Stringer 10-19-2009 10:45 PM

Thanks. That makes me feel a lot better. It wouldn't be a continuous draw every two seconds so that should be even better. I fire off a shot or two, then wait for the action to come my way again. The shoot one or two more, and so on.

Appreciate the help.

DangerMouse 10-20-2009 06:47 AM

i wouldn't think a #16 AWG cord would handle much foot traffic....taped or otherwise....?
THAT i'd worry about..... i'd use a heavy-duty orange.


williswires 10-20-2009 07:25 AM

Specs say they pull 6A during the recycle charge, with a very brief period of 18A for 200 milliseconds at the start of the cycle.

The recycle period for the largest B1600 is only 2 seconds long, meaning you'll pull 18A for 1/5 of a second, and 6A for just under 2 seconds.

You would be fine with a 16AWG cord, but I agree with DM - you should at least use a 14AWG extension cord to handle the foot traffic.

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