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SS396 10-02-2012 06:44 AM

multiple neutrals one lug
Hi, Just lost power to my outdoor elec receptacle and assumed the gfci circuit breaker was bad but finally troubleshot it to the recept in the bathroom which was wired usng only the push in contacts and apparently branches off to the outside recept. I'll bet you electricians have seen that a million times. While in the panel, I noticed that there are several lugs with 2 and 3 neutrals under the same lug. I thought this was not allowed but the box seems to have provision for more circuit breakers than it does to accomodate all the grounds and neutrals. (Federal Pacific 100 amp about 35 years old) Doesn't look like any way off adding additional ground bus. Any advise for me? Do you consider the multiple neutrals a dangerous condition or should I leave it alone.
Also.. Would there be any pro or con to ditching the gfci circuit breaker and installing a gfci in the bathroom instead? Which is the better way to provide the ground fault protection.? Thanks

Jim Port 10-02-2012 07:03 AM

The rule is one neutral per hole. This was not very clear in the way it was in the code. Now it is clarified.

The GFI protection can be provided by either the breaker or a GFI receptacle.

I don't see why another ground bar could not be added to give you room for the neutrals.

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