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bbkskins 12-18-2007 11:04 PM

multiple motion lights
Hello everyone , I am a first timer here and need some quick electrical advise . I would like to wire two motion lights to the same switch. I want both lights to turn on when either one detects motion. ( They are around a corner from each other ) . I heard this could be done , not sure though . I have power in switch box and ran a 14-3 switch leg to one light , then the next . Can I do this , and if so can anyone direct me on how to wire it . Please help , my wife won't get off my back about it, ya no what mean .

AllanJ 12-19-2007 08:22 AM

You need to be able to access the connection between the load side of the motion detector stage and the hot terminal of the lamp socket within the fixture. If this is not exposed you may be able to dismantle the fixture and run a short (perhaps red) pigtail out to accompany the white and black leads.

Then use your 14-3 cable (between the fixtures) red conductor to connect the load sides of the motion detector stages only.

Connect the black fixture wires to power (black of 14-3 between fixtures and also switched power from switch box) as usual.

Connect the white fixture wires to neutral as usual.

Some motion sensing fixtures may already have a pigtail to interconnect with other fixtures to accomplish what you want. If you jury-rig your own fixtures with this interconnect as described above, do not connect your interconnect with an interconnect already furnished on a different brand of fixture.

rjniles 12-19-2007 08:24 AM

Wire the hot (blk) and neutral (wht) from the switch box to the first light (you do not need the red in this run of the 3 wire cable, turn it back and insulate both ends) and connect to the blk and wht of the fixture, also connect to the blk/wht of the 3 wire cable to the second fixture and connect to that fixture blk/wht.

Now comes the trickier part; Identify the output of the sensor (usually a red lead) that connects to the light socket portion of the fixture. This will be wire nutted together in the fixture. Open the wire nut (or cut off) and connect the red of the 3 wire cable to these 2 leads. Reinstall wire nut. Go to the second fixture and connect the red of the 3 wire to the same point.

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