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lindon2007 11-07-2010 10:39 PM

Moving oven and cook top - help please
Remodeling kitchen. Foundation is slab. We want to get rid of our old ugly 24 inch ovens and replace with a single 30 inch oven. The new oven will be about 7 feet away from where the old ovens were located. Can this be done using the original 220? Also we will be installing a cook top on the opposite wall ( the sink wall). For the cook top, do we have to install another 220. What is your quesstimate on the expense? All we know for sure is how to turn on the light switch. Thanks in advance.

heartlessmcfly 11-08-2010 04:37 AM

Do u have access to an attic above the kitchen? If so, you could crawl up there and pull up the old 220 line (providing the new stove is the same amperage) and relocate it to the new location. If you don't have attic access, its either u need to run a new homerun or find a way to boc the old circuit and extend it to the new location. As far as the cooktop goes, is it gas or electric. Gas cooktops just need 120volt outlet for the pilot. If its electric, most likely your going to need to run a 10/3 minimum to the panel. If you have attic, I would say the job would cost around 550.00ish

rjniles 11-08-2010 06:53 AM

You will need 2 new 240 volt circuits, The amperage requirements will depend on the specs of the units you select. Running through the attic is probably the best option, other than tearing out wall covering (which you may have to some of regardless).

As to reusing the old oven wiring: probably not, these units were often run with SE cable (2 conductors and a bare ground. Not acceptable by todays code. You need 3 conductors plus a bare ground for all appliances rated as 120/240 volts.

Costs will depend on the locality, the type or cabling required and the difficulty in installing the new cabling. Coud be as little as $500 but could be well in excess of $1000

Phillysun 11-22-2010 09:01 PM

Download the installation guide for the new oven and check on the feed needed. It definitely will not require two 240v lines. The cost depends upon where your subpanel is located (or main panel) as it will be easiest in the long run to have someone run a new line from the panel to the new location - most likely through the attic.

Licensed electricians are very reasonable with the current economy and so many having been laid off from their jobs. Your job sounds like something that would take a single electrician 2-4 hours.

May find yourself changing out the breakers as well but that cost is also minor.

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