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geeyathink 08-02-2006 05:15 PM

modify battery charger
I am thinking about trying to convert one of my battery chargers from the "rapid charge" for one battery at a time that it currently is, into a trickle charger for at least 3 batteries.

18 volt batteries

The info from the bottom of the charger is,
120 volt ac charger, input: 80w, output: 19v dc 2.2 amps

The charger and the batteries have the third contact. I looked up the info as printed on the little capicitor looking thingy that is in each battery pack. Everything I found so far indicates it is a thermal switch.
Other than the cells it is the only thing in the battery pack.
Does anyone know how this element interacts with the charger?

If there were no third contacts with the attending control circuitry to worry about, would this be possible?

jwhite 08-03-2006 04:36 AM

I do not know that much about battery chargers beyond the warnings. Untill you have solid answers from people in the know, dont try it. If things go wrong they can blow up. I have heard horror stories about the dammage done to people and equipment. Houses burn down and that sort of thing.

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