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rrolleston 01-28-2012 05:06 PM

Mobile Home Electrical Panel Replacement
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I am currently trying to redo this mess of a hack job that I am shocked even passed now. Read what I did wrong down below.

Right now I am trying to rewire my service that has a 100amp sub panel and 150 am sub panel in my mobile home. I am going to run 2" schedule 80 conduit from the garage to the mobile home 24" underground about 10 feet with expansion couplings 90 feet of wire/conduit total. Install 200 amp sub panel in utility/laundry room. Then 2" schedule 80 conduit (because I will have some left over) going from the 200 amp panel in wash room to the 100 amp sub panel.

200 amps because we have an electric tankless water heater electric heat for backup and may add an electric stove.

Today I seperated the bonded neutral and ground and straightened out the panel a little bit. Hope to make it neater later. Will be using 4/0-4/0-2/0-#2 for 200 amp panel and 4x2/0 to the 100 amp panel.

What should I do about grounding in both panels. I currently have a #6 solid copper ground in the 100 amp panel going to the water main and looks like a 6 or 8 aluminum going to the trailer frame should I replace this one?

What are the requirements for a breaker panel in a laundry room?

Boring stuff :whistling2:

At Nineteen bought a piece of property with a mobile home and garage. Broke as hell. Slowly did some work to repair what I could. New painted metal roofing new faucets and some new plumping.

Gets really interested when we go to have our power turned on. The guy comes over and starts to say your meter pole should be redone sometime soon OMG:eek::censored: spent all my money on roofing/plumbing.

Some time goes by we get decided to try to tackle the service in stages when the wire going from main fuse panel starts showing bare wires that I noticed when I was weeding around the pole. I decided to replace 50 amp fuse panel that fed our 100 amp panel inside with a 100 amp breaker disconnect and some 4 conductor 2/0 wire. Home at the time had bonded neutral and ground in fuse panel and breaker panel. I had no idea this was bad.

More time goes by and I decide to tackle a 200amp service to the garage in my efforts to get rid of the pole problem. Some shopping around and buying supplies as I could afford. Ran 3 wires to the panel in the trailer and added a #6 solid ground that went to the water pipes. finally after a failed inspection because of #6 wire on my ground rods, individual wires instead of SEU wire and mechanical bolt lugs instead of crimp lugs got a pass the second time. I was up and running.

Decided to install an electric tankless water heater and 150amp sub with three wires because tankless heater only has three wires.

TarheelTerp 01-28-2012 05:16 PM


Wherever you're getting power (look for the meter) hang an X* close by.
From there you run (usually bury) a feed wire to the MH house panel.
If you have a second building... run a second feed to that panel.
(these feed wires should be sized correctly)

*X = whatever you local inspector approves of; usually a disconnect box (here's one as an exmple).
If you need a new meter as well... get a "combo".

I think that covers it.

rrolleston 01-28-2012 05:27 PM

What if the service in my garage already has a disconnect. Should I install another one at the mobile home?

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