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willy1094 08-29-2007 05:01 AM

Mixing #12 and #14
Sorry if this has been asked A LOT but I'm new here. I have a 15A circuit I am adding 6 recessed lights to. I've tied into the juction box fed by #14 using #12 and ran #12 from there. This is what I had left from another room so that is why I used it. The dimmer switch is on #14 as well. Any trouble splitting #14 hot to dimmer, from dimmer back to #12 to feed the lights?

RippySkippy 08-29-2007 05:41 AM

Functionally no. It's not the best practice, but it won't hurt anything, assuming the breaker was/is still 15amp.

willy1094 08-30-2007 03:32 AM

Thanks for the reply. I know and understand what everyone is saying about how you shouldn't mix them one being cost and there being no real good reason to. I just wonder if it is really worth going out and paying for (costing more money) a new roll of 14 when you have more that enough to finish with 12. Or if you take and match it ripping out all the old 14 to make it all 12. I understand a professional is paid to do this and should do it right all the way down the line but often diy'ers are doing it in part for cost savings (and I really do enjoy doing this type of work myself) and don't want to make a project bigger than is has to be. Just my .02. I am worried about doing safe work so I ask as many knowlegeable people as I can.

Thanks again for the help and info and keep it comming!!! And yes it's on a 15A breaker and would NEVER use 14ga for 20A circuit.

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