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Amazingglazier 07-24-2012 07:35 PM

Meter/Main vs new meter pan
I have a 200 amp ge 20/40 panel in basement, with a 100 amp main breaker in it to match my 100 amp service. Want to upgrade to 200 amp service to the house and run a 100 amp sub in the detached garage. Garage had a 2 circuit run from the house 15 amp for lights and recepticles and a 40 amp for the air compressor. have trenched 24 inches down to the top of 2" sched 40 next to the existing uf runs that someone only ran 6" down. Have seen a 200 amp meter/:) main on ebay for $159 , would it make more sense to run that outside with the basement panel being turned into a sub and just feeding the garage sub from the feed thru lugs as it has a main ocpd there? Or just put the new meter pan in and run the garage off the basement panel as is after putting the 200 amp breaker back into it. A local Sparky gave me an estimate of $2200 for a new weatherhead 12-15' of 2/0 , and me supplying the garage panel, meter pan and 2 wire to the garage and me pulling the wire to the garage. Already ran the conduit to the garage. Seems like it would be easier to put the meter/main in and go straight to the garage and run straight to the main which would now be a sub also, then to bore 2 holes in the foundation to go into the back of the basement panel. Some of my thoughts are coming from the fact that the walls are finished although the sheetrock I purposely made removeable around the panel. He is using my existing 2 1/2" mast and supplying the fittings and the labor to go into the back of the basement panel and the 2/0 wire , and getting the co/ul for it, does this sound reasonable for this situation. Thanx for your thoughts in advance!

kbsparky 07-24-2012 07:42 PM

Using a meter/main panel would be my choice. You can leave the existing panel in the basement the way it is (except you have to separate the grounds from the neutrals), and feed the garage directly from the outside box.

You could either use the feed-thru lugs on the meter/main or plug in 100 Amp breakers for each of the sub-feeds.

I'd opt for a meter/main that had at least 8 spaces in it (4-doubles).

Amazingglazier 07-24-2012 08:00 PM

That was my thought also KB . My house has gas for the stove , dryer, heat and water heater, it is only my other half and I here , when I am in the garage I run the compressor(30 amp), lights (8-8' dual bulb T-12s) some power tools amp my welder Lincoln proMig 180(50 Amp) no one else using anything. Every room in the house is on it's own circuit all 20 Amp 12awg AC cable, although we basically are in the bedroom and office most of the time. Would it be legal and or practical to run the basement sub at 200 amp and run the garage thru the feed thru lugs?

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