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SleepnZJ 11-02-2011 09:34 PM

Mast and weatherhead pulled from house, conflicting information from POCO subcontract
During the last weeks snowstorm a tree branch in my front yard came down on the overhead service line pulling the insulator, weatherhead and mast from my house. I immediately ran downstairs and switched off the main breaker to the house and called the POCO to let them know.

Just a little background on my house, it's a 1950s ranch that has a 200 amp delta three-phase service that enters from the outside via a 2 inch metal conduit into a CT Cabinet with a meter socket directly above. In the CT Cabinet there are six insulated terminals three for each corresponding hot line coming in from outside going across the terminals and then up to the meter via some short 10 inch lines, the other three terminals link the exiting short 10 inch lines from the meter to a conduit that runs to my main panel and two other sub panels for the AC condenser and the HVAC fan. Actually here's a pic of the inside of the CT Cabinet.

The issue I am having is that the day following the storm a POCO subcontractor showed up to my house to assess the damage and fill out a repair ticket for the POCO. While they were here they explain that initially the power to my house would have to be turned off by one POCO crew then a separate tree crew from the POCO would have to remove the branches from the overhead service line, and then the subcontractor would return to reattach the insulator, weatherhead and mast to my house., After which the POCO would return one last time to turn the power back on.
However today the same subcontracted company but different employees showed up to my house apparently do to a duplicate request and in explaining to them what the the original two subcontractor employees told me these two guys told me that they (representing the POCO) would only reattach the service lines to the insulator after I have an electrician come out and repair the insulator, weatherhead and mast.

I was kind of expecting this from the get-go because I thought the POCO's responsibility is only to the connection point on the house. The big issue I am faced with now is getting an electrician to come out for the necessary repairs. I have been more than capable in the past of handling electrical work in my house but rather leave this type of job to a pro.

The big question is if an electrician is going to repair the insulator, mast and weatherhead do permits need to be pulled? The other question I had asked the subcontractors was if it would be a big hassle to change the lines between the weatherhead and the CT Cabinet if I provided the materials and chipped in a few dollars? I only asked because the existing lines between the the weatherhead connection point and the LB where the mast connects to the conduit appeared to have some cracks in them. However the subcontractor explained that to replace the wires I would first need to get a "cut card" from the POCO and the POCO would have to make the connection between the service lines and the new lines at the weatherhead.

I'm sure I will know more after I talk to an electrician but I wanted to get some input from the forum.

Jim Port 11-02-2011 09:39 PM

A call to your inspection or building officials would answer about whether a permit is needed just to fix the existing.

I would expect a permit would be needed if new conductors were pulled to replace the cracked ones.

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