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To many wires. Wrong colours.

Took down a ceiling fan for my girl. How hard can it be?

The original fixture has a black and a white wire. The box has two whites and a red. I maretted the black and red, and two whites. The light works. I still have one white that when it touches anything the light flickers dimmly. Do I marrette the extra, or have I missed a step? The light works fine as is.


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If the fan works correctly you could get away with leaving the extra white wire unconnected (wrap tape around the end). Unless you discover something else in the room not working.

Exactly two whites and one red (those three conductors) coming into the box (before the fan is installed) is an improper combination, namely which should never be seen.

At the very least you need to find out where each wire came from.

Are you sure the white wires were orginally white versus having been spray painted when the ceiling was painted?

Can you see into the back of the box and describe how the incoming wires were grouped (as cables)?

Modern wiring does not have wires entering the box singly. Any one premade cable such as Romex does not have two whites.

The wires should not have been unmarretted completely; doing so makes the job harder. It would help if how they used to be connected was known. Now with each wire by itself, you would need to measure every combination of two wires and every combination of one wire and ground using a voltmeter in order to find out which wire is the power feed and whether there is both an unswitched feed (always on) and a feed controlled byh a switch.


The good conscientious technician or serviceperson will carry extra oils and lubricants in case the new pump did not come with oil or the oil was accidentally spilled, so the service call can be completed without an extra visit.

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Basically electrical and electronic things can use all sorts of different color wires for this and that. The more options/gizmos in a device, the more wires and more complex the wiring is.

The way to "figure this all out" is to read the instructions and look at the wiring diagram for the device. (Not "guess" as to which color wire is for what...)

If you don't have the wiring diagram, you probably could find one on the manufacturer's web site.
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Connect the box red to the fan black. Connect the 2 box whites to the fan white. 3 white wires together. No spare white should be left.

Try this first. If it does not work or it trips the breaker post again.
If it worked before you worked on it. You did something wrong.

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