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scyarch 10-22-2011 11:36 PM

Low Voltage Wiring Question..
Quick question. I was browsing some posts and became aware of an issue that may or may not be a problem. My family owns multiple older apartment buildings which I've often been employed to "update" units so that they have newer coax and cat5 lines to simplify connections and stop the telecommunications companies from butchering our properties to death with holes and obscene amounts of wires stapled to the exterior of the buildings.

My question is this: Is there a specific distance low voltage wiring needs to run away from standard plug receptacles and their respective lines?

I've run a good dozen or more units, and never run into an issue with this, that I am aware of, and I tend to keep the low voltage tidy, stuck together and away from the 20 amp lines, but lately I've been attempting to run lines closer to plugs since it only makes sense that you have a plug next to whatever you're using low voltage for (a TV Computer or Phone...) as opposed to the middle of a room near no plug. I just wondered if there would be an issue running the lines down the walls between the studs so close to some of the plug lines which occasionally run down a nearby stud through flex (older units, mostly all wired with steel flex).

I attempted a search but got too flustered with all of the results and felt it better to get a quick response from someone who knew the answer off the top of their superior head :)

jimmy21 10-22-2011 11:53 PM

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where you will have problems is where you run the power wires and the low voltage wires parrallel to each other. The closer they are and the longer the distance they run parallel, the more of a problem it is. Crossing them does nothing, having the boxes by each other does nothing. Just where they run parallel. I try to maintain as much distance as possible, but i think they recommend at least 12". Its less of an issue with shielded cable, but i still try to keep them away

scyarch 10-23-2011 01:46 AM

Generally the longest distance they've ever run (and I assume by parallel, it's the same as in meaning, side by side like two parallel lines, and not something else, the exact term and subject matter of which eludes me right now because I'm very tired.. :() is about... 7' at most, generally, down a wall from an attic. I can't recall off-hand about how I ran other lines in bottom units, but I think I generally kept them away from side by side under the units and if they ran up into them, it was for a foot at most.

I know I recently ran a set to a low voltage box about 6" from an outlet on center, but I believe just one line (the rest of the electrical outlets were chained horizontally through the walls) is this way and it's in a bit of an odd location but my father believes there can never be enough potential outlets for someone to plug in at, so I ran it in case.I believe... coax is shielded, correct? And the only really questionable one would be the cat5?

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, it's very helpful.

jimmy21 10-23-2011 11:00 AM

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:furious:yes, side by side. Try to maintain at least a foot apart. 7' is definitely far enough to cause problems

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