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wariarr 03-27-2011 12:06 AM

Low voltage undercab lighting
Hi all,

I want to install two low voltage undercabinet lights in two zones in my kitchen (with two transformers). In one zone, I have a spare receptacle available (my over the range microwave plugs into the other).

Q1: Can I plug the transformer for my undercabinet light into this spare socket?

Q2: Since I got a hard wire transformer (american lighting), can I just put a plug on the the HV side of the transformer in series with a feedthrough rocker-switch and plug it into the spare socket?

Q3: In the second zone, I do not have a spare receptacle to plug in. I was hoping to tap off the small appliance ckt into a separate socket located *inside the cabinet* and do the same that I did in the first zone. Is this OK?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

Jim Port 03-27-2011 12:09 AM

The small appliance branch circuit cannot be used.

Your microwave instructions most likely call for a dedicated circuit just for the unit.

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