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IdahoBob 12-22-2007 10:02 PM

Low Voltage Lighting Bulb Life
I have some low voltage lighting along my front walk: 4 Kichler fixtures with 4W wedge base style bulbs (installed with the wedge up) and 2 Malibu spots with 7W pin base style bulbs (instaled with the pins inclined down). Total 42W load on a 60W transformer with the high/low switch set to low. The problem is that both type bulbs last only about a week or less before they burn out. They are on a timer that allows 8 hours of operation per night. No load transformer output is 24.2 volts. Changing bulb brand does not help.

Anybody got any ideas why the bulb life is so short?


Idaho Bob

Stubbie 12-22-2007 11:55 PM

You have 12 volt bulbs on a 24 volt transformer maybe?

frenchelectrican 12-23-2007 01:24 AM

just want to head up with some low voltage transformer do have split ciruit type so one set of screw it will read 12 volt and other set of screw is 12 but get one other set can nail on 24 volts just like 120/240 volts system is.

the other thing i need to verify is the bulb #'s IE #194 is common 12 volt bulb or #1156 is one other common one.

this one type of low voltage transfomer and there are few diffrent style there.

you should see the voltage rating on the transformer on secondary voltage it should be very clear marked there.

Merci, Marc

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