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robbinsrace 09-22-2010 09:27 PM

Loose Circuit Breaker
I've just finished installing a Siemens subpanel for my basement. Code requires arc fault interrupters for all circuits. The first breaker I installed was very loose- I'm used to having to push breakers on with some force- this just slid on and rocks while in position. Is this normal for these breakers, or for Siemen boxes? I tried multiple locations, and it didn't make much difference. I'm assuming this will cause a problem with arcing or flickering lights if I don't do something different, but I wondered for these slide on breakers, how tight is tight enough?


frenchelectrican 09-22-2010 09:43 PM

They should go on pretty firm not slopply loose if that the case try to exchange the breaker to see if that clear up I have work on few Seamens load centre and they are ok to me.

If you push it on real easy and try to pull it out if come out real easy then you have issue if pull out pretty hard then it is not too bad.

I will let other electrician chime in here some have little more experince with North Americian Seamens verison due I am used to European verison they are diffrent.


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