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andy1033 10-07-2010 07:05 AM

Looking for a motor capacitor for pressure washer
Can anyone here help me find a suitable part for my washer. The details on the old capacitor are

sintex 45s.d5d.30
30uf +-5%b
ac 450v-c 25/85/21
ac 400v-b 25/85/21

450v~DB 25/85/21
50hz pl4 1029


Thats all the numbers on it.

The cylinder is 94mm high, plus 126mm in circumference or there abouts.
The metal spade type things(times 2) things that come out of top are 1cm long each 6 mm wide.

I am in uk, anyone know where i could buy a capacitor that i can use from the above to use in my pressure washer.

thx in advance.

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