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log home...electrical

good morning - am looking to purchase an existing log home on a lot..the home has been inspected and the electrical has been deemed "incomplete"... i am not sure to what extent, but what i did see was that the previous owner wired the boxes flush with the logs, and ran the wiring in the seams (where it is chinked)...this is on the main floor... the upstairs is finished with drywall and appears to be ok - what extent do i need to go at this point, to bring the electrical back up to acceptable standards? do i need to recess the boxes AND the wiring? would the wiring be suitable if i run it in electrial tubing? or steel as they do in exterior situations? wont look the greatest, but it's just a 2nd home anyhow...i am more concerned about safety.
also, the main panel is mounted simply on the wall (log)... does it need to be enclosed in a box or does all the wiring need to be run up to the attic?
am looking for the cheapest/safest way to fix this... help!


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The first thing to determine is WHO says the wiring is incomplete and WHY it is incomplete. It is very difficult to determine any remedies until the issues are fully known.


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log home - electrical

this was an inspection done by CMHC for financing...there was also a home inspection done but unfortunately, i do not have access to the report...the house was a repo from the bank - there is currently 1 buyer that is in neg., but doesnt look like the deal will go through - sooo, i am next in line - i was just looking for a very broad idea of what would have to be done to bring back to today's standards... obviously there is some money involved - the house is not worth it if i have to have the whole place re-wired -
by the way, it is on a poured foundation, so no basement.
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Is the bank telling you the wiring must be fixed or they won't give you a loan? Saying it's "incomplete" tells us nothing. And, in my experience, neither bank inspectors nor typical home inspectors know much about electrical codes (or any codes for that matter).

If the bank says no loan unless it's fixed, I would expect something in writing from them defining "fixed." I would also pay a visit to your jurisdiction's builidng department and see what advice you might get from a "real" electrical inspector.

I'm a little puzzled why the bank isn't selling this house "as is".
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Is this an issue of not getting a bank loan or the AHJ saying the building is not habitable (denial or cancellation of CO (Certificate of Occupancy))?
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What parts of the electrical system work?

If you cannot see it working then you have to assume the worst and put in an offer accordingly.

Yes you can run new electrical conduit on the surfact of the walls but doing so is the same thing as rewiring the house.


The good conscientious technician or serviceperson will carry extra oils and lubricants in case the new pump did not come with oil or the oil was accidentally spilled, so the service call can be completed without an extra visit.
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