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Chud666 09-04-2012 06:39 PM

Little advice about some extra phone lines
I just found the wiring in my phone lines was causing a problem with my dsl connection.. The centurylink tech rewired the dsl to our 2nd phone line (not in use for several years) and filtered the signal from the main line at the NID. I then went and disconnected the 2nd phone line from all the jacks in the house save for the one the tech set up to run the modem from and now everything fixed but I still have the bare wires from the 2nd line at the other jacks not connected.. I was wondering if I can just simply tape these up with some electrical tape of if there was a certain way I should handle them as to not make any more problems down the road. They run in a series and the modem is on the 3rd jack so can't just disconnect them.

zappa 09-04-2012 07:34 PM

I'm not quite following what you did. You disconnected the second pair from the jacks but since the line is in series does that mean that you twisted the second line wires together to reach the modem? I would use small wirenuts or connectors made for splicing phone wires together if that is what you did.

ddawg16 09-05-2012 05:05 AM

I think I understand......

Most phone jacks have 4 or 6 connections. In a 4 wire setup, the 2 center wires are your first phone line. If you have a phone that can control 2 phone lines, then the outer pins are line two.

In your case...line 1 was having now he is using line 2. And since line 2 daisy chains to your other outlets as well, your concerned.

My in-laws had DSL....if I remember correctly....cable pair comes in and splits direct connection goes to the box (via the NID?). A splitter is then installed that is bassically a low pass keeps the DSL signal off your phone line. That is the signal that should be going to the rest of your outlets.

If he did what I think he did....He is just using the second pair (2nd phone line) up to the NID.....after that, I would suspect that your 2nd pair of wires is not connected at that outlet. If they are, disconnect them there and leave all the other outlets as is.

AllanJ 09-05-2012 05:44 AM

The DSL may have worked better if the line it was using (the second pair of wires) went directly from the source (network interface device) to the jack where the computer is, whereas the second line as-is branched to multiple jacks.

If you find the multiple branches (probably all coming together in one junction box perhaps at one jack location), take them apart, tape them off, and just reconnect (using small wire nuts) the line going to where the computer is, you improve the performance.

Chud666 09-05-2012 12:48 PM

Well the phone lines run in a continues loop (think that's what it's called) were they run to the first jack then another wire goes from there to the next jack and so on.. the tech set it up so the dsl is only on the 2nd phone line running through the house and the 1st line is filtered at the NID. The place were the modem is at the 3rd jack so I need the first 2 jacks delt with as the 4 was just disconnected at the 3rd jack since it served no purpose anymore. But I went ahead and just used some wire nuts which I had already but for some unknown reason completely forgot about there existence. And I can't really move it from that jack since I have the modem connected to my dvr and computer there and the other jacks are to far away.

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