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Lights dimming

Hello I am having power problems in my house I have seen the lights dim for about a week, I called the power company out and they said everything is OK on their end. However I have noticed that the lights continue to dim and I have purchaced a device called a Kill A Watt and I can watch the power fluctuate around 120 stable. All the way down to 104 volts. It dims for about 3 sec and goes back to normal. I turned off all the breakers today except one room with no high amp draw just a small room and still noticed the same thing. The question is do you think it is the transformer from the power company or does this sound like a issue in the home. My lines are ran underground from the pole to the home and the power company thought there was a bad neutral. There was no high amp draw on their end I was surprised because the A/C unit was running and the dryer and washer. Please advice.


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hi, Are any lights getting brighter as some get dimmer? are all lights getting dim at the same time (in unison) or is it just some of the lights? If it is some of them, are they fed from the same breaker or from several breakers? If several, where are they located, on the same side, or both sides? Any pattern to effected breakers? just background to help track down the source of the problem.



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When it happens.

It happens on all the breakers in the house. They are just dimming then brightening.
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Have you tested each and every circuit, on both sides of the 120/240 volt system?

Is there any difference in behavior between circuits on one side of the system and circuits on the other side of the system?

Using incandescent bulbs, do the lights dim even if you turn off all 240 volt appliances and equipment and are not turning things on and off?

Does the Kill A Watt unit show any voltages above 125 volts at any time?

What happens if you turn on a hair dryer
a. With the Kill A Watt plugged into the other half of the same duplex receptacle?
b. With the Kill A Watt plugged into a receptacle of a circuit on the other side of the service?

(Testing circuits without any receptacles on them is somewhat more difficult using a Kill A Watt unit.)
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