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roidrage152 12-02-2011 10:53 AM

Lighting Controller Timing Installation question
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I am trying to make a timed Lighting controller for 4 1000w lights.

I've done a lot of wiring in this and my previous house based largely on info I've found here, and had it confirmed to be up to code and then some.

I know the basics of how this set up works, I've made a detailed drawing of the set up. I know if I connect the red and black wire of a 16g plug separately to the outsides of the contactor, and plug that into a powered timer, that timer can control my devices. I've finished everything on this device except the attachment of a timer.

I'm trying to get this digital wall timer to work with this set up. My questions are:

-Will this even work?

-Which wires control the timing, and which power?

-I was thinking I could get power to the controller by using one of the hot lines from the dryer plug. Kind of like old school stove/dryer set up. And the ground from my Dryer plug could act as my neutral?

-This is all in a PVC junction box, is a screw I put in the side an adequate ground? If not, what could be better?

These are the items that I know are not strictly Code:
-I did not use 220v tap outlets. (The devices I have run on 220v with regular tap plugs)
-The screw might not be adequate ground.
-The lighting timer might have to be rigged in a creative way.

Any help would be much much appreciated! Please let me know if anything here is SUPER dangerous beyond what general common sense will protect me from. I always err on the side of caution when I wire, triple checking that power is off where it needs to be and such. I do have a healthy fear of it.

roidrage152 12-02-2011 01:53 PM

Here is the diagram with the instructions if that helps too

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