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debd 02-24-2010 05:39 PM

light wiring
We are remodeling our bathroom and want to center the light on the wall which means moving it over a foot but we ran into a mass of wires and having only basic electrical knowledge don't know what they are all for. We've got 4 black wires, 5 white, 1 red coming from wall. One of the whites is capped together with 2 whites on the light and the red is capped with 2 blacks on the light. There's not enough give to move it all over. Is it electrically safe to get a light with an elongated wall plate, have this box of wires to one side behind the plate and run long wires behind the plate to the attachments on the new light? Or should we get duel lights, put one where the current on is and balance out the wall with a second light (this would entail wiring the new light into this one)? Or is there another option?

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