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tim2011 08-26-2011 02:37 AM

light and switch connected downstream from GFCI receptacle
I am installing a light switch in a bathroom where the shower splash may get the switch wet (but not pour directly on it, only splashed). A completely wet bathroom is typical here in Indonesia.

Waterproof switches are much more costly.

Is it possible to wire the switched light downstream from the GFCI in the bathroom so that if there is a shock at the switch the GFCI trips?

I wouldn't want regular operation of the light switch to trip the GFCI.

supply power <=3wire=> GFCI <=3wire=> light&switch

Thadius856 08-26-2011 04:26 AM

As far as I'm aware, installing a GFCI upstream of lights and receptacles is sometimes preferable. The GFCI would indeed provide the protection you seek.

The wiring scheme you want looks adequate. When you say "3wire", a 3-wire non-metallic cable comes to mind. That would have three conductors and a grounding wire in the sheath. However, the third conductor (commonly the switched hot) is not required in this case unless you want to use two three-way switches with this light. One single pole switch will only need the hot and neutral, along with the ground.

In wet conditions, you will want a waterproof receptacle and/or cover. They do indeed cost more, but are necessary if there's a chance water will end up splashed in the GFCI. The cost difference is a whole lot less than a trip to the hospital for a near-lethal shock.

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