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Light planning

While technical questions may arise here, my primary objective in this thread is to figure out what kind of lights and light fixtures to use in our kitchen remodel.

Currently we have two recessed 4' long 2-tube fluorescent fixtures mounted between the joists in the ceiling above the center of the kitchen. There is a weird square recessed "can" fixture above the breakfast nook. There is a round fluorescent surface-mounted fixture beneath a high cabinet over the sink. There is no other lighting in the kitchen.

There is a pantry area which doubles as a hallway from the front entry of the house to the kitchen. It has one of those square cans in a lower ceiling.

We are planning a studs-out remodel of the kitchen so I have the opportunity to completely re-think and modernize the lighting. What should I do?

We learned some things from the existing setup.
  1. All that light in the ceiling is nice for old eyes.
  2. All that fluorescent light in the ceiling is expensive for the amount of light output (160 watts, total, don't know how many lumens) and fluorescent isn't the most attractive light.
  3. Those square cans may have been stylish, and maybe there wasn't a "standard" for light cans in the mid-'80s, but they look weird to us, are probably inefficient (not much light seems to come through their frosted glass panels) and parts are unavailable. These lights are all throughout the house and the thermostats are giving out so some of them switch off/on/off/on at about a 5 to 10 minute cycle.
  4. Task lighting under the upper cabinets would very nice, but task lighting in the ceiling would cast shadows when you work at the counter and would be worse than none at all. That probably shoots down track lighting on the ceiling.
What's more, we are in a transitional period where incandescent lights and even fluorescents are being replaced with LEDs. You can get screw-in LED bulbs (those LED filament bulbs are very nice) but those screw-in bases must be well over a century old. Will screw in light fixtures be around for another 30 years or so (until I die or get sent off to a home)?

Is there some LED solution which would give the lumens and broad light source of those ceiling mounted fluorescents with lower power consumption? Should I retain the trim and frosted panels and just put an array of screw-in fixtures up there which I can populate with LED bulbs? Any other ideas for the main ceiling light?

Under-counter: We have some under-counter fluorescents in a different room and they work well. But is there some superior way to mount an LED under-counter lighting setup that won't look so ugly as those white plastic boxes?

Replacing the square cans: I'm leaning towards just standard round ones, but ideas are welcome.

Thanks for any ideas, observations, leads, or other wisdom anyone has to offer.


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I know my workplace (retail store) recently upgraded old flood light style track lighting to new LED track lighting, you may want to look into that. I believe most of the time you will find smaller fixtures with LED bulbs, If you want a wider selection of fixture styles you may want to just go with energy efficient bulbs, they produce the same amount of light but save you money.

Here's a link to some LED fixture examples from Home Depot:


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Hey Fat Bear,

How many lighting do you plan to use ? i am sorry that i can not make sure what is the plant for your place. if you can offer some photos that will help us.

Below is just some tips before your photos.

Used the 4 or 5 lights LED Track Light to replace of the 2-tube fluorescent fixtures, For the lumens it can be about 1200 to 1500 lm. it can be fixed on the wall or the ceiling of the kitchen. and we can use the 4 lights pendants above the breakfast nook. it is with the round ceiling plate, and cable can be adjustable. and i saw a popular one in the market, it is the clear glass outer and bubble crystal post inner. it is called Ampere champagne track lighting.
Remove the task lighting. if that is too bad for you.

Sorry i have to leave now.
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If your remodel follows the present tradition of dark browns and dark granite counters you'll need about 4 x the lighting as if it were the lighter colors of the past.
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