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Saundra1010 03-17-2012 06:02 PM

Light my greenhouse please
I am trying to run electricity to an 8x12 greenhouse that we built. I only need 1 outlet, maybe 2 if it stays simple. I have searched everywhere but this situation is a little different from what I'm trying to do. My greenhouse is literally 2-3 feet away from an outlet and switch inside my back garage door. I do not need to bury a line half way across my yard. I was hoping to piggyback a line into the greenhouse somehow. I really only need to run a fan and a light.

I have read many responses about burying a line 1.5 feet deep to the greenhouse, but the trench would be only 1 foot long before coming back up to the greenhouse. Is that really necessary? Everything I'm finding really seems like overkill for what I'm trying to achieve.

Help please?

AllanJ 03-17-2012 07:51 PM

To me it is not that bad to dig a one foot long trench 18 inches deep.

If you did dig a shallower trench and did not enclose the cable in rigid conduit, no one would be the wiser -- until someone did some digging for some other purpose and accidentally cut the cable.

Also the result of this corner cutting will be comparable doing nothing at all and stringing an extension cord from the receptacle in the garage out to the greenhouse, and unplugging that and putting it away when you are done using power.

Missouri Bound 03-17-2012 09:39 PM

Will you use the greenhouse year round or just seasonal? For that short of distance and for temporary use an extension cord would work with a GFCI.

mpoulton 03-18-2012 03:37 PM

If the distance between buildings is only a few feet you could run conduit between them above ground or overhead.

Saundra1010 03-18-2012 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by mpoulton (Post 880201)
If the distance between buildings is only a few feet you could run conduit between them above ground or overhead.

That's what I was thinking, but I'm not sure if that meets code. The outside walls are just over 1 foot apart. I was thinking just to piggyback off of the outlet which ie just on the other side of the garage door, next to the light switch and then just run it across to the greenhouse and install 1 outlet inside. I just need a little light and maybe a fan or space heater during different times of year. No one can walk between the two buildings, it's too small.

I'm in Colorado, does anyone know if that meets any code requirements?

Digging a short trench in this area actually would be a little difficult. There is a poured concrete patio next to the greenhouse from the back garage door. There is lots of large rock and gravel that are just underground in this area.

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