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duelman 09-02-2012 07:26 PM

light help
hello, I am hoping you can help out.
Issue: circuit blowing with switch in place

wiring in use is 12-2
in use
1- light (front post light) (2-25 watt bulbs)
1-photcell (for post light)
1 - 500watt halogen
1-switch (for halogen)
15 amp breaker

all components connect at one juntion box

post light - hot\neutral to hot\neutral of circuit

halogen- black>switch|switch>hot(circuit)

All neutrals together
grounds together

If I run both lights directly from the circuit I have no issues at all
With the switch for the halogen light in place the circuit blows within 30 seconds
The switch for the halogen seems to be the problem area I just dont know why

I have changed the halogen switch
I have changed the photocell
I have change the wiring from the switch to the junction

thanks for any help!

kbsparky 09-02-2012 08:46 PM

Disconnect the halogen light at the fixture. Cap off the wires.

Restore power, and try the switch again. Does it trip?

If so, something is bad in your wiring.

If not, then you may have a bad fixture.

Or you could have a bad/weak breaker.

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