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Light fitting on loop- How many wires?!!!!


My "darling" other half has bought 2 new light fittings to replace our 2 seperate single bulbs in the kitchen. The two current fittings have switches in both the kitchen and the living room. The wiring of the loop is nicely tucked away in the existing mounting plates with only 2 light brown wires connecting the actual bulb fixture. (The wiring in the mounting plate consists of the 2 light brown wires attached to the ficture plus 4 red, 4 dark brown and 2 yellow/green earth). The instructions for the new fitting say to put the Live to L terminal and Nuetral to N terminal, obviously, and connect the earth from the mains to the earth terminal in light fitxture.

Not having dealt with a loop before I am totally at a loss. Can someboody help before I have to admit to her that I can't do it!




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Actually I did know if this might help you because i just have a quick search about your problem. I also based it on my experience installing my pendant lights at home.

You run another "white" wire off the white wire connection on either one of the other 2 fixtures ---- run another wire (might be red or another color-but never green) off the same fixture where the black wire is. Connect these wires to your new fixture---and use the bare/green wire as a ground--which can simply be twisted around a sheet metal screw and screwed in the metal frame. White to white >>>> Black to black >>> green/bare to same and/or frame ground. If your new fixture has only both black wires coming out of it -- just choose either one for the black, and the other for the white.


Just ignore the " loop " wires are the active (I think the red one) junction wires that come from the power source and go on to the other lights and to the switch. Yes you can just terminate these with a connector and then fit the black (neutral), white (switch wire ), and the green (earth ) to the light fitting....the loop wires go to nothing on the fitting ...they are a termination only...


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Your saying you have two brown wires to the original fixture. I would say that who ever wired it did not follow the rules so color no longer will be a indicator of your wires. Unless one is a faded tan and maybe the other one is a dark/dirty white. The Neutral wire will almost always be a white wire and the green earth other then that I believe all other colors are open to be switched, power, or whatever. Given both wires to your fixture are the same color I would use a test light to you across your box/earth to your wires and try to figure which of the two is live then hook up the new fixtures accordingly. You don't have any simple way to find out what other pass threw wires in the box would be used for without further testing so it would be most likely best to try and leave them undisturbed for the most part. I hope I was able to help some. Always use caution when testing any live wires!!
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