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LOYD DUNCAN 09-18-2012 05:59 AM

Light fan burn out, wall switch backwards later
History- bought a new home built in 2003. A year and a half ago i came home and turn the ceiling light on on wall switch and one of the lights ( four lights ) blew out and sparks flew. None of the lights worked. Replaced light fixture. It worked fine for several months. But during the time the lights were going of and on some times all four bulbs would react that way. That light fixture went out. Replaced it again . I was told to replace bulbs with only 40 watt bulbs. I did this with second light fixture replacement. Months went by and the lights started acting up again as before . Light fixture went out again. This time i took the whole fan and ceiling light off. Took it down check the unit at a electrical place. Fan and light fixture burn out. The fan worked the first time i replaced the light fixture. The second time i replaced the light fixture the wall switch on the wall was backwards. White to white and black to blue wire.on light fixture, thats all. Replaced the new lights and fan and works but also the switch is backwards again. I did nothing to the wall switch. Just neutral and hot wire on light fixture. Why is switch when off is on and on is off ? Why did the ceiling unit act like it did anyhow ? It was just two simple wires that i connected and of course the last installment involving the fan was three wires excluding the ground. I do not want to burn this whole unit again if their is a original problem somewhere.. I only use the switch on the light fixture not the wall switch. The wall switch though it will turn off and on on switch but switch bacwards. On is off and on is off. I had a electrician come to check to find out original problem before replacing the light fixture the first time. Did no good. A waste of $130.00 that did not solve my purpose of the problem.

AllanJ 09-18-2012 06:49 AM

It makes no difference which of the two wires goes to which of the two screws on the light switch body. If the switch appears to work backwards, then take it out of the box, turn it upside down, and put it back in the box.

Turn off the breaker for the circuit. Take out the light bulbs and inspect the sockets. Using a tool that you may have to improvise or fabricate, pull the tab at the bottom of each socket out about 3/16 inch so it is not flat against the bottom of the socket. This makes a better contact.

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