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GerGa 07-25-2011 10:23 PM

Light Bulb Burning Out
Hey guys,
I am having a problem with one light bulb burning out. It is on a circuit of 3 bulbs in series and a toggle switch in the kitchen, all bulbs are those energy saving spiral bulbs. When the switch is flipped, there is a delay between each bulb lighting. From reading a little bit on these type of bulbs, I halfheartedly attribute this behavior to a capacitive and/or inductive behavior of the bulb.

So why does this one bulb burn out every few months to a year while the 2 other bulbs last much longer? Anything to fix this?


dmxtothemax 07-25-2011 11:20 PM

You say there are three lamps in series !
Are you sure there in series ?
If they are indead wired in a series configuration (doubtful)
then this is your problem !
But I cant see how they are
cause they would have to 120v / 3
thats 40v each lamp.
I have not head of 40v CFLs.
Dodgy sockets or cheap lamps most common problem.
But vibration and heat can also play a part.
CFLs do not like heat build up.

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