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LED Dimmers

My led light flickers when I use the dimmer in the mid range. Any suggestions?

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LED Dimmers

Are they good quality LED lamps ?
Or cheapies ?
If they have electronic circuitry in them for power control,
The circuitry is having trouble regulating properly.
Perhaps try a capacitor to smooth things out a bit !

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LED Dimmers

Many LED drivers are not intended to be dimmable. They often behave like compact fluorescents when you try to dim them, they flicker and go out suddenly rather than smoothly changing brightness. If your LED driver is intended to be dimmable but is still not acting right, you may need to try a different dimmer.
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LED Dimmers

Many so-called "dimmable" LED bulbs require the use of the more expensive electronic dimmers.

But one work-around I have found is if you can install at least one incandescent or halogen bulb on the same dimmer as your LED's it tends to prevent such pulsing of the lights.

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LED Dimmers

Definitely still in the "learning" phase of LED's, dimmers and CFL's. But I've done a lot of research, and actual testing during my kitchen remodel. I've found that even a dimmer that is marked as an LED/CFL dimmer may produce a hum if you're lights aren't up to the challenge. (Always find the weakest link, right?)

So, I installed four Cree LR6 canned LED's in my kitchen. I was missing the fourth Cree at first, so we put in a CFL. When we went to use the dimmer there was a loud and distinct hum. I finally unscrewed the CFL and tried the dimmer, and no hum. The CFL obviously wasn't a dimmable CFL.

But, I don't think the dimmers are perfect either. After "solving" the original hum, I carried a handheld radio into the kitchen while the overhead lights were on, and although it wasn't loud, you could hear a buzz when the radio went through the dimmer "field."
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LED Dimmers

Not all CFLS are dimmable,
Try a dimmable CFL.
But with some dimmable CFLs,
noise can still be evident,
This is not unusual.
even incandesants will produce some noise.
The noise can be radiated by the wires between the
lights and the dimmer.
However in most cases it is not a problem.
Unless you are in a poor reception area,
And then its a combination of two problems.
Try differant brands of CFLs,
May be some are better then others.

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