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la15ota 03-24-2006 07:52 PM

Land with out electricity
So I'm out in California in the process of getting permits to build our home. We are applying to PG&E for electical to be placed on the property.
My question is that we are have having 3 structures built on the land, main house, guest house and barn, basically a T flipped on its side, road entry is at the bottom, the houses are at the top and the barn is on the side.
PG&E wants to know where to put the service pannel, I'm thinking at the top with the 2 homes with a shared meter and another seperate meter for the barn. But pulling wire back and forth will probably add additional cost so is it better to put the service panel at the barn? What about a subdivision, how would this be effected in the future?
Lots of questions and not much detail, just interested in what you guys think

joed 03-25-2006 10:14 PM

The distance between the buildings is important. If they are too far apart then a separate service on each building is best.

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