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WillK 05-03-2011 11:04 PM

Juggling power during service upgrade.
Okay, I hope I can explain this simply enough to make sense, I'll explain in terms of what I'm thinking of doing to see if I'm likely to have an objection from my inspector who I know would have the ultimate say-so on this.

I will be upgrading to a 200 amp service. This will be at a different location on the house than the current 100 amp service.

The new location has a 200 amp panel that is in use as a subpanel, the feeder for this panel is on a 60 amp breaker. This panel serves kitchen and second floor bedroom circuits.

I will wire my new meter socket line side to the point the POCO connects and I will wire the load size to the previously mentioned 200 amp service, once I make this connection I won't be able to use these circuits until the permit inspection passes and the POCO connects the new meter and service.

I am also running cable to the detatched garage for a 100 amp subpanel and have purchased a main lug panel for this purpose.

Here's my question: could I temporarily surface mount the 100 amp main lug near the 200 amp main, transfer my circuits and feeder to that panel and use that on a temporary basis to run my kitchen and bedroom circuits between when I disconnect the 200 amp panel and when the POCO brings the new 200A service online?

If this is unlikely to be approved, I can run the essentials (refrigerator, a light for the kids bedroom) off extension cords.

nap 05-03-2011 11:41 PM

depending on your inspector.

in my area, what I would be able to do is install the 200 amp service complete except for the terminations in the panel and have the inspector inspect. If the only connection I had to make was the actual terminations, he would still likely green tag me which would allow the POCO to be contacted. Obviously you would have to set this up with the POCO but when they come, you could shut down all your power, terminate the service feeders in the 200 amp panel. The poco could string the 200 amp service, disconnect the 100 amp service, plug your new meter in and you would be hot.

you will need a disconnect in the garage. You should have purchased a main breaker panel.

WillK 05-04-2011 05:40 AM

Well it's not too late to return and exchange then, that part is easy enough to take care of since I haven't yet done anything with the panel.

I'll run it by my inspector and try planning to do my final preparations for inspection this weekend so I can get inspected Monday and get the clock running for the 48 hours notice the POCO wants once you pass inspection.

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