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hgiljr 03-16-2007 10:28 PM

Issues with appliance plug
Hello everyone. I am having issues with two appliance plugs in my home. Both are external in its weather proof boxes and covers and neither have electrical current. Both have stopped working. Since this is a fairly new home (built 2001) I do know that per Code these should be wired to a GFI. I have tested every GFI outlet and all trip and reset properly. I have tested every appliance plug in the house for current and all register fine including the GFI's. I have reset every breaker in the break box and still no power to these two external appliance plugs. I have removed the appliance plug and tested for power directly to the romex cable and no current. Where else can be stopping the current to these two plugs? It all started today after a rainstorm. Can a GFI test successfully (trip & Reset) and cancel power to an appliance plug without tripping itself? Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks

jwhite 03-17-2007 07:09 AM

I do not know where you are from, but in the US we call those recepticles. And you cannot test for current on a circuit that is not under load. You must test for voltage. I know this sounds pedantic, but if we all use the industry standard terms, we can understand eachother better.

If a gfI rec is reset, then all downline recs should also be working. It sounds like you have a rec somewhere that is tripped and you just have not found it yet. It could be outside on another side of the house, in the garage, in a soffit or eve. I have even seen them (and I cant figure out why) in closets.

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