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codename47 03-21-2011 11:19 AM

Inverter powering a subpanel
The set up is as follows. I've wired a 30amp single pole breaker with 10-2 wire to a prosine 2.5 inverter/charger. The power delivered to the inverter charges a battery bank and bypasses the unit and goes directly to the 2 AC outputs available to the unit. The unit has a surge capacity of 50amps for inductive loads.

I installed a lug subpanel next to the inverter with 8 available circuits. I have two outputs coming from the inverter and the subpanel has two lugs at the top of the bar for putting in breakers. Should I run both outputs one black to each lug or just have one output of the inverter running to a single lug at the top of the breaker bar. I don't know if having both wired to the same subpanel even though it is technically two outputs would cause a problem. The bar is hot and tests at 120volts but not for sure of the ramifications when things are operating from two seperate outputs. The system is a pure sinewave system but maybe output 1 is not exactly like output 2. (all wiring is done with 10/2)

Second question: I'd be moving several 20amp breaker switches to this subpanel powered by a single 30amp breaker. Do you see a concern with doing this? I don't imagine I'd every run all the devices at once and trip the breaker but wanted to see your opinions. The wires would be pig tailed in the panel and run to the subpanel where it will recieve the bypass power during normal conditions and battery backup when utility power fails. I've done some load calcuations and I never come close to exceeding the 30amps available. The inverter also shuts down and restarts after a minute if the load exceeds its rated max. It will power the high efficiency water heater (less than 5amps when running), two high efficiency refrigerators, sump pump (only run once in 4 years (besides testing)), furnace, some cfl lights to light the way when it is dark. Am I being too ambitious? I guess the worst case is it trips and I have to reduce the loads.

joed 03-21-2011 12:01 PM

Is the output of the inverter 120 or 120/240?

codename47 03-21-2011 12:36 PM

It will only output 120

joed 03-21-2011 05:51 PM

I don't know enough about the inverter. It is possible that the two outputs are just two wire coming from the same point within the inverter. It is also possible that the two outputs are two completely independent outputs.
If they are independent then there could be issue with tieing the neutrals together. If they are common then just tie the two hot lugs to one hot with a jumper.

codename47 03-22-2011 11:03 AM

Makes sense to me. I'm sending an email out to Xantrex to find out if they are independent or if they are common to one another. I could always leave the other one available to wire another branch that isn't associated with the subpanel too I guess. I just wish copper was cheaper!

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