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seansy59 07-09-2012 01:51 PM

Intex Pool Power
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I have a one of those Intex pools that go up for the summer, and are taken down (If i get to it) in the fall. Power is 150ft away at a GFCI outlet on our front porch. That is the only outlet around the exterior.

I have an extension cord running to the pool, but am wondering how I can turn it on and off without plugging/unplugging it especially when wet. I want to do it safely especially since its in a wet area. To my convenience, there is already a wooden 2x4 sticking out of the ground 3ft that was used for a hanging plant. I use this to keep the connection off the ground.

I am looking for a safe, outdoor, solution for a switch to turn the pool pump on/off for maintenance and swimming at the pool. The post is approx 5 ft away from the pump, and I currently just have the pump plugged in, and electrical taped to the post to keep it off the ground.

Do they have some kind of "outdoor, switch controlled outlet"? Can I make one using a weatherproof outdoor switch and an outlet with a weatherproof box with a compression fitting. Mount it to the post, and use a 14/3 power tool replacement cord and wire it in? Its only temporary each summer. The extension cord only stays out for the pool, then it gets used for christmas lights.

My neighbor use to have a Intex pool, and he mounted an indoor power strip on the fence near the pool to turn it on and off. I was freaked out every time it rained, and they had the pump on. Worst thing, is he used about tons of those little white, ungrounded extension cords daisy chained to an outlet 200ft to his house. No wonder why his pump kept burning out every 2-3 weeks. :eek: He never does anything right..........

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