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needbasementfix 08-04-2012 02:32 PM

installing switch for dedicated outlet in a circuit
How do I wire a dedicated outlet within a circuit with its own switch?

MisterZ 08-04-2012 02:42 PM

are you asking for one dedicated line where half the outlet is hot, and the other is sitched??
or are you asking for two separate circuits, one switched and the other dedicated hot??
OR, do you just want a single duplex outlet on a switch??

if 1 or 2, to separate the two halves on a duplex outlet. break the metal tab between the screws.

needbasementfix 08-04-2012 03:04 PM

I have an outside outlet that was originally wired within the circuit, I want to install a switch just for this outlet so it is only no when the switch is on

MisterZ 08-04-2012 03:57 PM

i see, so you want to install the switch between the feed and the outlet keeping them on the original circuit.
cut in your new switch box location, run some 12/2 wire from the switch box to the outlet box you want.
next remove the black wire from brass screw on the outlet.
wire nut this wire to the black on the new 12/2 you ran.
Use a black marker or tape and color the white insulated from the new 12/2 you ran. this will indicate it as a "hot" wire
fasten the now colored white wire to the brass terminal on the outlet.

now lets hook up the switch.
at switch box, hook bare copper to the ground on switch.
Hook Black wire to +Line screw on single pole switch.
again, color the white wire Black with marker or tape. this goes on other screw.

these are very basic instructions. there are several different ways to do it, and other things to consider.

does the outlet have additional wires attached to it??
if it does, anything that is fed off this outlet will also be switched unless wired a bit differently.
also you'll need to determine which wires are feed other devices on that circuit.

one set of wires feed power to the outlet, the other pair feeds power to whatever is after the outlet.
the switch must be between the outlets power supply and the outlet.

doing my best to explain simple as possible without sounding stupid, but you should get the idea.;)

needbasementfix 08-10-2012 08:21 PM

thanks for the info, but as you said there are other outlets on the same circuit and I only want the one exterior outlet to be controlled by the switch, (like I am making a separate branch on the circuit, controlled by the switch). is this possible??

MisterZ 08-10-2012 10:38 PM

yes it is possible.

NEC asks that all switches have a neutral wire these days, so were gonna use 12/3 wire instead of 12/2.
-turn off power to this circuit, and verify it is off.
-pulll outet from box and remove ONLY the wires on Brass screws.
-run the 12/3 wire from the switch to the outlet you want.
-twist together the wires removed from the outlet with the new 12/3 BLACK wire.
-connect the RED wire from the new 12/3 to the brass screw on the outlet.
-wire nut the White neutral wire
-wire nut the bare ground wire to other bare grounds in box. there should already be a "pigtail" for the outlet ground.
(only one ground wire gets connected to the recepticle)
All connections are done here, neatly push wires back and fasten the outlet to its box.

Now lets hook up the switch.
-connect the BLACK from the 12/3 you ran to the "common" or +Line screw.
-connect the RED to the other screw on the switch.
-connect the bare ground wire to the Green screw
-wire nut the White wire and push it to the back (this does not get connected to anything)

thats basically it.
to elaborate a little, by nutting together the old wires with the new black wire you are continuing feed to other
outlets on that circuit as well as supplying power to the switch. from there, the red wire completes the circuit to the outlet.

hope this all makes sense. just remember "safety first". never work on live wires;)

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