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west-phoenix-az 07-10-2008 08:07 PM

Installing motion / security lights
I would like to add some motion/security lights around the house.
I have room in the panel to add some breakers.
I would like to install six motion lights total.
Two in the front yard, two in the back yard and one on each side of the house.

A. Front yard:
2 lights (4 bulbs)
4 bulbs x 150W = 600W
600W / 120V = 5Amps.
34% of 15amp breaker.

B. Back yard:
4 lights (8 bulbs)
8 bulbs x 150W = 1200W
1200W / 120V = 10Amps.
67% of 15amp breaker.

C. Can I do this?
12 bulbs x 150w = 1800w so 1800W / 120V = 15Amps.
75% of 20amp breaker
This saves me one breaker, one breaker slot, one junction box and one run of wire.

D. If I can't do the above, is this the correct way to do it?

E. Either way all wiring from the breaker to the light switches will be inside. The wiring from the light switches to the lights will be outside in most locations because of attic perimeter. I would prefer to avoid conduit outside. What kind of wire can I use for the outdoor that doesn't need to be in conduit?

F. Whats current code on percentage of amps on a breaker?
load cannot exceed 80% of break
breaker must be at least 125% of load

G. Is this correct?
Breaker Amps...Min. Wire Gauge:

Thanks :)

wirenut1110 07-11-2008 06:55 PM

Run 2 circuits and split that up just for the hell of it.

Yoyizit 07-11-2008 07:33 PM

The motion detectors go from one state [on in manual mode, off, on but responds to motion] to the other states by cutting power, so I'd put each on its own switch.

I couldn't enlarge your pix by using control V and the mouse wheel, and I don't know why.

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