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Dennis Slater 10-28-2009 11:11 PM

Installing a KitchenAid (Whirlpool) Cooktop
I have 4 wires coming from the cooktop (KECC508RPB04) - black, red, white and green.

I have 3 types of wires in the wall. Black, red, and a bare (not copper) twisted wire.

I am guessing that the wall oven (on another wall) is on the same circuit since I have 2 wires of each color in the box.

KitchenAid suggests in their drawing in the 4 wire to 3 wire instructions that I connect red to red, black to black, and the green and white to a white - that I do not have.

I have it wired as KitchenAid suggests (using the bare wire instead of a white wire coming from the wall since I do not have a white wire) and am afraid to throw the breaker. Should I be afraid?

frenchelectrican 10-28-2009 11:16 PM

Oh man.,

Okie here we go now { rolling up shirt sleeve }

Ok sound like you have SE cable

If that the case it is legit the bare conductor is used both netural and ground but if look diffrent or soild single bare conductor then no you have issue there.

and that SE cable that is common as long you don't move to diffrent location once you move to diffrent location you will need SER or 4 conductor NM cable that is the only way it will meet the modern code { it was change in either 95 or 99 code cycle}


Magnettica 10-28-2009 11:32 PM

Make sure if you have SE cable to keep the bonding strap inside the appliance attached.

Dennis Slater 10-29-2009 12:21 PM

Thanks for the responses. :thumbsup:

To be sure that we are understanding one another let me restate my problem:

I see my problem as being:

In junction box: red, black, twisted bare cable (not copper - SE cable?).

Previously installed cook top had: red, black, bare copper.

Previously installed cook top had red to red, black to black, and bare copper to twisted bare cable.

New cook top has: red, black, green, and white.

I know what to do with the red, black and green.

What do I do with the white wire? Can it be connected to the twisted bare cable along with the green?

Note: The link is to the install page of my cooktop.

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