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Installing a Hottub/Jaccuzi help?

Whatever you call em, I chose hot tub.. Anyways, Issues im having.

1. My circuit breaker panel is full, I've got a GE Powermark Gold load center, rated for 200A service. There's a couple things on here numbers wise, the Front cat no. TM32FCD, and the load cent enclosure cat no. TM3220CCU MOD 6 (I've no clue what the numbers mean. but I know it helps to include them.)

My issue here, is that the load center is full. There's no more room. I've seen a few breakers that "MIGHT" solve the problem, I guess theyre called "Piggyback" or doubles? Anyone know if GE makes specific breakers for my panel and if so where I can get them?

2. The Hot tub, that I bought used for $250 is a 2004 Cal Spa. The system panel says its a CS5000. The information tag inside the control panel says that it will use 40A at 240V. I've come to the obvious conclusion that means I need to run a 40A service with a GFCI to to the hot tub.

My question here, is can I run everything in a 50 amp service, with 50A breakers? At some point, I may decide to upgrade to a bigger tub, and it'd be nice to simply un-hook the wires and hook em into the new tub. Obviously there shouldnt be a problem running the 6-3 cable with the 40A , but my concern again is the breakers. Am i going to need to buy 40A breakers and then pay to upgrade to 50's later? Or can I simply install 50's to begin with and save a hundred bucks or so in the process?

Also, any electricians on here willing to give me a rough idea what an electrician would charge to install all of this? It's going to require about 90ft of wire, plus PVC conduit, that I expect to run along the bottom of the vinyl siding of my house. There's about an 8-14" gap between the siding and the ground (Depending on the slope of the yard) and the "Gap" is simply the concrete foundation. No, its not practical (or possible in some areas) to dig a trench and bury it.

Yes, I feel capable of doing this myself, however, I'd much rather pay someone else to do this, as if they make a mistake, I can sue their insurance co...
(Yes, I always abide by the rule of "Ladies First", and will miss my future ex-wife alot less after the lawsuit.)


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I've bought 2 hot tubs, both were over $5k
You need to find the electrical specs on the tub
If it states 40a breaker then you need a 40a breaker


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I would say around 5,000 if not little more if panel needs changed
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Eh, the one I got was from an elderly couple that hardly used it (Hadnt used it for a year), and decided that since it was so big, heavy, and hard to move, they thought $250 was a fair price for the tub... Personally I think they shorted themselves about $1750, but it was their choice...

Well scuba, thanks for the answer on the breaker, I guess it'll cost a bit more to upgrade in the future if I decide to, but reading some of your other posts leads me to belive you know what your talking about, so I'll take the advice. (Specs were in the control panel and quite obvious, thats how i found em originally.)

Other than that, anyone have an idea what an electrician might charge to do the install? The description of what needs done is in the original post.
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Installation costs are very specific to each area (State etc) & the work an electrician needs to do
There really isn't a good way to estimate this (for me at least)
Get a couple local estimates & check references
We could say it would cost $xxx & then an electrician in you area could say $xxxx & you might feel he was overcharging when he is not

I'm not saying you MUST go witha 40a breaker
In many cases tubs are standardized on a 50a GFCI breaker
But there is no way for me to tell

There are very specific codes when installing a hot tub for safety reasons
Shut-off visible from the tub, spoecific distances for light & outlets near the tub
Grounding/bonding near the tub, the install can be involved
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Originally Posted by Morndenkainen View Post
Other than that, anyone have an idea what an electrician might charge to do the install? The description of what needs done is in the original post.
Everything but your location.

An installation like that in lower upstate NY would be around $1200-$1800, but Scuba's comments are more important.

And don't sue me if I made a mistake.
Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
Answers based on the 2011 NEC.
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Scuba Dave did give you a key word and that is very important to follow that and it is very specific in the NEC plus local code may add to it.

And let me add one more item to Dave's comment any conductor run underground to spa the grounding conductor must be insluated not bare conductor at all.

Now to OP I allready depecher the breaker model number you have two way to do this this box is 20 space full size breaker or you have 12 twinners plus 8 fullsize breaker or any combo between the two.

Now with GE load centres they are very tricky espcally with twinners if you want 240 volts you have to becarefull where you land this breaker otherwise you will get no 240 volt load at all.

The cost that something it will varies a bit depending on who you get for and what they quote the price plus proper permit fee including.


BTW in France it will cost €2500 or more to hook up hot tub like that
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Well, thanks for the responses, as for the location, im in Tennessee, just outside Nashville, and as I believe I previously stated, none of the cable would have to be buried, It can be run along the side of the house, and the deck. Well, even if no one has a rough idea what it'd cost, I got a quote of about $500 from one guy on craigslist... I really dont trust that one though, seems a bit shady, and I've got another electrician, that I found on google, coming out tomorrow to give me an actual estimate... Who knows. Guess I'll post his costs tomorrow and see if you guys think its fair or not.

And Marc, are you sure about that? Perhaps I listed the wrong numbers then, cause my load center has room for 32 full size single pole breakers. Or am I just misunderstanding something?

Scuba, I definatley understand why there's rather strict coding on the saftey for a hot tub. Be rather embarrasing to be found butt naked and dead in one... Thats why I said I'd let the wife in first. If she survives, I'll assume its safe. If not.. Well, I guess I'll be in the market for a new electrician, and a new wife..


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