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cosmicsea 08-31-2012 09:33 AM

I want to run power to my shed and need some help.
I am trying to setup a 30 amp 220 line to my shed. I will not be doing this personally but I am trying to get the correct materials and get everything set up so that when my brothers friend "electrician" comes over he will not have to do much. I want to get the wire ran safely to my shed and I am looking for an outdoor 10-3 wire but I cannot seem to find any anywhere. I bought this wire but it says for indoor use only. I have a 30 amp 220 breaker installed already for a bathroom heater which I do not use so we will disconnect that and use that breaker for the shed. I need to run wire from the panel and up into my attic and then outside of the house to the shed. The shed is about 3 feet away from the house so not much wire will be exposed outside directly and I plan to use pvc or conduit for the outside section. Can I do this with the wire I purchased or should I be looking at something else? Thanks.

Jim Port 08-31-2012 09:46 AM

You cannot use indoor rated wire outside, even if in conduit.

You are going to need a subpanel at the shed also. You cannot protect lighting a receptacles at 30 amps.

BTW, it is 240, not 220.

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