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I need a door alarm!

I'm haveing an issue with breakins. my garage has been broke into 3 times this year.
So i came up with this plan i would like to run an alarm like stores have where you enter and a buzzer goes off informing you that the door has been opened.
heres my problem, i dont know how.
I know it would be a low voltage system but thats all
I would love any input anyone may have
And yes to answer the question, i have rebuildt the door frame useing diamond plate to prevent this again


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You talking to me?
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you need to figure out what you want it to do. A simple alarm is...well, it;s simple.

a set of magnetic contacts or a microswitch (mag contacts are better if you have snow in your area, something to make some noise, a relay if the switch will not handle the current draw of the noisemaker and transformer to get your low voltage from for your control circuit and noisemanker if it is also low voltage.

Depending on what type of relay you use, you could also use the thing to turn on some lights or whatever.

If you want to get real fancy, you can get a dialer that will call a phone and play a pre-recorded message if you want.

It's only limited by how much you want to spend and what you want the thing to do.

You could also incorporate a timer in it so you could open the door and the alarm will not alarm for a set period of time. This would allow you to enter and turn the alarm off before sounding. or you could incorporate a keyed swtich to turn it off from the outside.

explain what you might be looking for and what you would like it to do and me or somebody can get you started.


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Sorry Nap
What im looking for is just simply a buzzer, if my service door opens i want to hear a ring, buzzer a flippen whoopie cushin, anything to let me know someone opened that door.
Ive thought about magnetic connectors but as i stated i just dont know how to put it all together.
im not looking for fancy just effective money is an issue as im replaceing over $30,000 in tools and other things that were stolen
AS i see it i want it to hook to door frame run i have an outlet right there for power run the wire 30 feet to the back of my house, in a mud room type entry way i want to hook up the buzzer and or flashing light not sure which i want to use yet
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are they breakin in from a side door or garage door???

side door can have not only an alarm but clutter all in front of the door inside or outside [I know it can be used as an exit]...

Garage doors that have door openers are very difficult to open from the outside.

One other option is a BIG DOG with a loud bark! The barks might be unuseful most of the time but that can be helpful a few times [scare off the breakin and entering].

The big dog can be even in the backyard..Yard dog perhaps..

Outside lights can be useful in spotlighting motion[movement] - this could alert both the thief and others around.
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the Musigician
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here are some that will do what you want.
these products are available at the BB stores too.
sorry to hear of the loss of your loved ones.

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Look at x-10 wireless alarm devices. here is a reference:


Install a motion sensor in garage, achime in the house. These dexices are wieless (plug into an outlet) and use the wiring from the hose to the garage for signal transmission, Easy as it gets!
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An alarm is not going to stop the break ins, what you need to do, is create deterrents. Start by looking at the door, or windows, and look at making them difficult to enter without the key or unlatching. From there, also look at security lights, and possibly an inner brace for the side door if you have to.

Regardless of a alarm, those that want our stuff without asking will still make the attempts to get it.
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you can install a motion light senser inside the garage and then hook it up to a fire bell, buzzer, or recorder what ever,just another idea. BOB
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A common door alarm that gets installed on exterior doors to meet swimming pool safety codes is called "poolguard". No wiring to do. Very loud and irritating!
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The first thing is to discourage them from breaking into your house (shed) and go next door instead. You can purchase alarm stickers and signs at many of the links here...

If they "think" you have an alarm, they will go elsewhere first.

Next is physical security. Metal door, deadbolt lock, pickproof locks, bars on windows, etc. If it is a lot of work to break in, they will go elsewhere.

Then an alarm with a loud bell or siren is next best. If they break in, their visit will be a short one. This will limit what they take.

You can get a wireless easy to install alarm. Beware that many alarm companies try to get you to have your system monitored and will try to get you to sign something which will lock you into paying for monitoring for years! Don't sign anything. Don't "lease" any equipment. Don't get a "free" alarm. Buy it with no monitoring or not at all.

Also check with your police department. They may have a program where they come out and give you advice on preventing future burglaries.

Locksmiths are good at installing physical security.
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yea I agree with billy bob on a few tips there

Also do report the breakins to the police [it shud come out as crime tracker in the newspaper] as it would be public awareness..

You could even ask the police force to do a random drive by once in awhile - that cannot hurt...

Installing a real or fake outside mounted camera can be something to consider
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first guy let me say thanks all your replys are great.
as for the ones i can use, the door in question is a service(side) door that unfortunatly i need as we have a fenced in yard with no rear gate (yes house came that way) so that door gets used daily.
as for windows the only one came with 4" bars across it so its safe,i love the dog idea a big german sheaperd but girlfriend is afraid of dogs.
when i rebuildt the frame last time i used a steel door 2 dead bolts (schlage) and there still getting in with no damage to the locks or door, im now thinking its a family member that has made a key locks are already changed
my next step is the links that were sent i think, that pool link would be ideal if i could turn it off some how for me and girlfriend
motion lights are already installed but from the rear of house i cant see them unless i open the door.
again thanks for all your input
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The dog can be a real treat for your girlfriend since it can be a good defense if she is home alone

Give the dogs some doggie treats and only let your girlfriend give the dog treats -- in no time at all the dog will be more than a barking stiff round the yard....


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