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I hope I never do that again!

You know this is serious stuff here. And we live in serious times. So I thought I'd invite everyone an opportunity to laugh at themselves and share a story. I'll go first. I hope I never misjudge the angle drilling from the basement into a living room wall again. I put a 3/4" hole through a mahogany base board, nicely splintered. This made my dear wife a little moody. So, anyone else?...anyone?...Bueller?...Bueller?


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I remember when I did some wiring and it didn't work...when I turned the lights on, the breaker tripped after a "pop".

After some testing (hour or so) I found that my knife hit a switch leg in the romex connector. Nicely burnt.

And once again...in my crawlspace, I bruised my face real good...I was drilling a 1" hole in a joist when the flat bit got stuck...My face happened to be right next to the drill at the time.


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ha ha

Where do I start.... We'll start with the most recent.

I was installing all new coaxial cable in the house. I needed to run several cables in the (finished) ceiling across the top of a basement bearing wall. I opened a small portion of ceiling and uncovered blocking between the joists directly above the wall. I figured it was odd but whipped out the drill, big ol mean 16'' long 1" auger and started going at it, until the bit caught, Oh Well, I thought.. I put the drill in reverse, but it was hung up that way too. I couldn't pull, the bit was lodged. I wiggled it around and saw light streaming in... I thought, THERE SHOULD NOT BE LIGHT THERE!! Then it donned on me when I around the corner to go up the basement steps. I saw my bit all wound up in the carpet that was on the first riser. SH!T!!! It is very easy to get turned around, even in your own home.
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I hope I never ask my for my husband's opinion before the completion of a project ever again.

I got my rough electrical insp. before xmas. Now I'm getting ready to insulate and drywall and I ask my Dear Husband to come admire my progress. He looks at the wall that I chased all my wires though to get them into the basement and says:

"Wouldn't it be nice if we put a window in that wall?"

The real problem is: it WOULD BE NICE! So, I've now pulled and re-pulled all the wire so we have the option down the road (when $$ allows) to put in a window.
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Not worked related, but when doing a walk through of an old house we were purchasing, I decided to videotape the "before" so I could better compare our improvements later. I was holding the camera to the eye and using the viewfinder to navigate through the house. All went well until I attempted to walk through a basement doorway that was 6' high... and I am 6'4". I ended up with a large bump on the head and a very funny video.
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I will never travel back in time and tinker with history again... again... again...
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I have to laugh at something my electrician did. He wired my tank which required a sensor on my tank to be wired to the controller (which was next to the tank on the same wall, I marked X's in pink where the sensor is and where the controller is it needed to be wired to) look at the 2nd picture how he brought the sensor wire to end up into the controller a short distance from the tank. I don't know why, getting the bill he didn't charge me extra and it works so I left it that way (I did fill in the holes with expanding foam).

Most of the wires you see in the area are TV, it would've been real easy for him to loop the sensor wire up and over and avoid interference from power.
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