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David200888 12-21-2010 09:21 AM

I have one code question which needs to verify.
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Hollow, Everyone:

I have one code question which needs to verify.

I need to wire a bleed solenoid valve to a exist circuit. Which is a 15 amp circuit break, it has connected two compressor dryer motor already. See the attached pictures and solenoid information name label.

the Power factor I selected as 0.85, the Solenoid current load we can roughly obtain as: Current=13W/115V/Power factor=0.113/0.85=0.133 Amp
As per the Ontario Electrical Safety Code 22en Edition.28-1089(1)(a) Use RLA as full load calculated, see the table below, I obtain that the conductor shall have ampcity not less than 13.81Am. So it seems a 15 Ampacity circuit will be safety enough to hand these two dryer compressor and a bleed solenoid valve.
But if from these two compressor minimum circuit ampacity calculated result 19.68+ amp so, it seems 15 amp is not enough.

My question is: in this case: One 15 amp circuit handle all above 3 loads is complied with code or not?

(Amp)Minimum circuit ampacity (Amp)Maximum over current(Amp)

Dryer Compressor 1115606.147.68N/A

Dryer Compressor 21156061213.2

bleed Solenoid valve115600.133N/AN/A

As per 28-108 (a) 1.25*6.14=7.68
Total: ∑7.68+6+0.133=13.8119.68+


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