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schierle 03-29-2009 10:31 AM

Hunter Fan Dual Switch Wiring Configuration Help
Hi all,

Here's the scenario:
Hunter ceiling fan/ light: black hot light, black/white hot fan, white neutral
Lutron dual switch: red hot light, yellow hot fan, black neutral

Problem is my condo wiring:
Switch box: three switches:
One outlet switch with purple and yellow
One three way to the hall with two purple and one yellow at this box and two purple and a red at the other box down the hall... and it works.
One switch going to a ceiling lamp fixture currently with red and yellow, but the ceiling light is hooked up to a yellow at one pole and two whites nutted together at the other pole but the light worked. There is an in transit red in the j-box.

Of note in the switch box the reds are all nutted together and there are a bunch of whites nutted together.

I hook up according to colors first: lamp black to red ceiling, black/white to yellow and white to white, at the switch red to red, yellow to yellow and black to white. Turn on the light (connecting red to white essentially) and it blows up. Is this telling me that red and white are my two hots?

So now I hook up lamp black to red, black/white to white, white to yellow (now presumed neutral) and at the switch I trouble shoot with a regular switch since my Lutron is dead. red/ yellow turns on the light, and white/ yellow turns on the fan. Great.

Here's the problem, I hook up red/ yellow to the switch so I can at least have a light working while I head to the store for another dual switch. But when I _turn_off_ the switch, the fan goes on!

Any help? Does any of this make sense?

theatretch85 03-29-2009 12:47 PM

Typically your switch should have no connections to any white wires in the switch box. There are some switches however that do need the neutral to power indicators or other electronic circuits inside the switch.

Pictures would certainly help in this situation, but you will need to determine which wire is the constant hot in your switch box. It sounds like you have the wires between the switch box and the fan box figured out, just ignore the white neutral wires in the switch box (unless your particular switch needs it).

kbsparky 03-29-2009 08:00 PM

all those nice colors .... is your place wired in conduit? Are you anywhere in or near Chicago?

You may have to add another switched conductor between the wall switch and the fan/light.

Better to use a remote switch transponder and receiver. That way, you can control the fan and light separately without having to install new wiring.

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